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Forum World tariffs on cargo delivery

The Forum World company is a convenient and reliable service for international freight transportation. The main criteria inherent in our company are: extensive experience and professional skills, delivery quality, cargo safety, speed of transportation and low tariffs. Due to these qualities, many customers choose our company for a long-term cooperation. Proof that we offer our customers the most convenient tariff conditions for the delivery of goods to a variety of countries are listed below:

  • the ever-increasing number of goods transported;
  • establishment of new branch-offices in other countries;
  • increasing the number of regular and new customers.

Tariffs for international freight transportation

Forum World offers all interested persons to use the services of cargo transportation to different countries. We deliver various authorized goods to all countries located on different continents. Our company specializes in logistics services and offers customers delivery of goods, logistics services, cargo storage, transportation insurance, freight forwarding agents, outsourcing of FEA and customs clearance.

Our company provides international transportation services for a very long time, and our customers choose to cooperate with us due to acceptable freight delivery rates. For most customers, the cost of transporting goods is a very important issue and the tariffs for the delivery of goods are crucial when choosing a transport company.

Due to the fact that the cost of cargo transportation is influenced by many factors, such as: the urgency of delivery, the content of goods, the volume of cargo, the type of delivery, the consolidation of goods and etc, it is simply impossible to calculate the delivery rate during online calculation.

In order to find out the final price of international cargo delivery, you will only need to contact the managers of our company and provide the necessary data. The customers can contact Forum World employees in any convenient way. You will then need to provide the company representative with the following information:

  • product data (cargo classification, total weight, lot size)
  • country and city of departure and arrival of goods;
  • urgency of delivery;
  • the shipper's contact details.

After the Forum World manager receives the request, he will contact the customer as soon as possible and inform about the cost of delivering the international cargo to the desired country.