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Forum World is leader at the UAE international cargo delivery market

Forum World Delivery

Forum World has been providing services in the field of international freight transportation for a very long time, and the company's employees have gained great experience in the cargo delivery segment. Customers choose our company for modern equipment, professional expertise and experience.

We deliver to North and South America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia. Also, various cargoes are shipped by our company to different cities of the post-Soviet republics - Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and so on.

Our company has proven itself by using the professionalism of highly qualified employees, using modern technological solutions and using fast courier service. Our regular customers chose us for the reliability and responsibility of work that can meet the demands of the most demanding customers.


When carrying out international freight transportation, Forum World provides customers with a clear and transparent structure of goods delivery. Customers at all stages of cargo transportation have complete information on which stages of cargo transportation have been carried out, where it will be on a certain day and time. Such a scheme of work of our company is always carried out, and our managers monitor the goods of our customers throughout the transportation route.

Main stages of freight transportation:

In Forum World, we value our customers both old and new; their satisfaction and success is most of importance to us as their success is our success as well. When carrying out freight operation, each customer receives a personal manager who performs the functions of a consultant. Our company's specialists are available 24/7 and are always able to provide customers with all the necessary information on cargo transportation.

Forum World types of cargo delivery

The following types of vehicles are used in the delivery of various goods to different countries of the world:

Depending on the nature of the goods and the speed of delivery, you can choose the most optimal type of delivery. The speed of cargo delivery in many ways affects the cost of delivery.

Air transport

Air transport is the fastest mode of transport on the planet and that is why cargo airliners are used for fast delivery of various goods. In all large population clusters on different continents there are airports, which allows cargo airplanes to quickly deliver the necessary cargo. Using air transport, you can deliver quickly-spoiling goods, medicines, business documents, and etc. in a short period of time.

Our company cooperates with leading airlines and this allows us to perform international delivery of the necessary cargo in a short time. When time plays an important role for our customers, we offer favorable conditions for fast delivery of goods.

Maritime shipping

The use of seagoing vessels to deliver large volumes of cargo is the most practical shipping option. Despite the fact that the sea delivery of goods is significantly inferior in speed, the use of sea vessels can be called economically profitable. Shipping allows you to deliver huge volumes of cargo, the weight of which is very huge.

When using sea transport, there are practically no restrictions on the weight of cargo delivered, since a lot of goods can fit in modern ships. Despite the fact that shipping by sea can take from several days to several months, many customers specifically choose this way of delivering goods.

Sea transportation is optimal for transporting large quantities of goods and when goods are delivered over long distances. Also, sea transportation is most often used in transporting cargo to other continents, especially due to the high cost of air transport. Our company has a large number of containers that differ in configuration and capacity and this allows to deliver the required volumes of cargo.

Transport by road

Freight transportation which is carried out with the help of heavy vehicles is one of the most convenient and inexpensive types of transportations. Using trucks allows you to quickly and conveniently deliver various goods at an acceptable price. There are a number of advantages to this method of delivery:

almost any type of goods can be transported using heavy vehicles;

due to the developed network of highways, our managers will be able to choose the most convenient and short delivery route;

by choosing the time of loading and unloading, as well as the time spend on the road, the most convenient transport time can be chosen, which will affect the speed of delivery;

using modern means of communication, our specialists will be able to track the location of the delivered goods throughout the route;

modern means of communication make it possible to minimize the risks of damage to goods and their loss.

Our managers always help our customers to choose the optimal transport and the way to transport goods in the needed direction.

What cargoes are delivered by Forum World?

Our company specializes in the transportation of large quantities of goods, the weight of which starts from one ton. The range of goods that are accepted for shipment to other countries is very large. Among the huge list of goods that we transport, we can note the following:

Goods that are included in the list of prohibited goods for transportation are not accepted for shipment. Such goods, which are an exception to the list, include: weapons, explosives, poisonous and radioactive substances, ammunition, dangerous medicines, addictive substances, psychotropic substances, pieces of arts and etc.